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The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.


The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.

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  1. Christian Mclean says:

    I am wanting to obtain a logon for NHW Ipswich as I am the area co-ordinator for NHW Collingwood park and will be doing the Blog site training this Friday 31st July.

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Hi Christian,
      I understand that you are supposed to be having training in the near future re: blog administration. Once you have completed the training, the DCPC will provide you with a link to sign up for the blogs. We don’t issue these details until you have completed the training.


  2. Amy says:

    I’m finding it hard to locate a NHW phone number in Caboolture/Tullawong area off Parish Road, could you please help?

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Hi Amy,
      Thank you for your query. Are you looking for a specific NHW group contact?


  3. Trisha Rogers says:

    We have had some changes to our committee members in our local neighborhood watch group. A previous member was managing the Facebook site however this has not been updated for many months. no one in the current committee know the account password. Can you advise what we need to do to fix this? thanks

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Hi Trisha,
      You need to contact the previous administrator of the facebook page. If this is not possible, you need to get the page deleted and then start again. There is no way that we can get facebook to amend the details of your page because it is under somebody else’s name. In future, you should probably have at least two people who know the logon and password details for any social media sites you might have.


  4. roslyn cairns says:

    Hi Elvis
    Some of our members want to produce a Welcome Information Kit for new residents – not just NHW stuff but customised to our neighbourhood (doctors, schools, restaurants, tradies etc). Several years ago the idea was broached but ‘NHW doesn’t endorse particular suppliers’, was the response from those above us.I think matters are more relaxed nowadays and since we would not be endorsing anyone, only offering options, I think it is a good idea.
    HOWEVER State used to supply Household Kits, but i haven’t seen any for a while.I thought i had better check before we go ahead creating our version.

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Hi Roslyn,
      We still do not endorse suppliers or businesses, however, you need to be comfortable with the information you provide in your welcome kits. My advice to you is to provide information on local services i.e. doctors, schools etc. and not businesses as this may be perceived as being endorse by NHW, even though State Office hasn’t done so.

      We still provide house plaques but at the moment we do not have any in stock here at CPPU. You might want to talk to the local DCPC and see if they have any available. They may also have some of the warning stickers. If not, let me know and I will advise when we will have a new batch coming in.


      • roslyn cairns says:

        How about a stern heading saying that NHW does not endorse these businesses, but they have been recommended by member of our community. Will that suffice?

        • Elvis Guzic says:

          Hi Roslyn,
          I don’t think that will suffice either. Whichever way you look at it the businesses are still being promoted by NHW, even if they have been recommended by a community member.


  5. Carla says:

    How do we start up a NHW in our Estate please?

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Good morning Carla,
      You can find the details on how to start a NHW group in your estate by reading the Welcome to NHW Guide which can be found in the resources section of this blog.

      If you still have queries, please provide your location and I will ask the nearest District Crime Prevention Coordinator to contact you.

      Kind regards
      State Coordinator, NHWQ

  6. Trisha Rogers says:

    Our local group is looking to participate in an open day and we are thinking of giving away fridge magnets with telephone numbers. What merchandise is available from NHWQ that we can purchase? thank you

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Good afternoon Trisha,
      Thank you for your enquiry. In the first instance you should talk to your District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC) as they may have some merchandise i.e. magnets that you can use. If you are looking to purchase specific items that have contact details you should have a look at the Fraser Products catalogue (they produce some of our merchandise) at:

      If you have any issues, please contact your DCPC for further assistance.

      Kind regards
      Elvis Guzic, State Coordinator NHWQ

  7. Donella Lister says:

    I am a member of Moorooka 2 Watch and we have been asked to set up a stall to promote Neighbourhood Watch at a local kindergarten. Members are willing to attend but we do need promotional material. – banner,flyers,balloons etc Is this a possibility.? Our finances are limited and the kindergarten is in a different watch area. One without an active group.
    Any assistance or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Donella

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Hi Donella,
      I have forwarded your query to the local District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC) and she will contact you as soon as she can to discuss promotional material.


  8. Sandy Bulley says:

    Could you please advice me where I can download the insurance certificate? We need to produce this for our community BBQ this Sunday 29.3.2015 & I cannot locate it on the NHW site. Thank you, Sandy

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Good afternoon Sandy,
      I have sent you an email in relation to your enquiry.

      Kind regards
      Elvis Guzic, NHWQ State Coordinator

  9. Miranda Crisci says:

    Invitation to Neighbourhood Watch Qld to attend our Neighbour Day Celebrations in Spring Hill.
    The Friends of Bedford Park (FoBP), Spring Hill are promoting Neighbour Day this Sunday, 29th March, for the local Spring Hill community. The event will take place in Bedford Park, corner of Water & Love Sts, Spring Hill, between 10am and 11:30am. As part of our Neighbour Day event FoBP are promoting community use of this beautiful inner city park, which unfortunately, has had safety and security issues in the past. The FoBP have been successful in actioning safety and security initiatives within the Park working closely with Cr Vicki Howard’s office, local police, residents and other organisations.
    FoBP would love a representative of NHWQ to attend our event and speak and promote about the benefits of your organisation. Currently, Brisbane Central does not have an active NHWQ group. If a representative from NHWQ is unable to attend our event, the FoBP would be happy to handout information flyers and give out branded NHWQ balloons at the event. We understand this is short notice, but any contribution or involvement by NHWQ would be greatly appreciated and go a long way with making our Neighbour Day a great community event.
    I would love to discuss how NHWQ can be involved in our event. Please call me any time on 0402 595 577, I look forward to hearing from you.
    Miranda Crisci
    Friends of Bedford Park

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Good afternoon Miranda,
      Please accept my apologies for not being able to attend your Neighbour Day event. Unfortunately I was in Townsville for most of the week and could not make it. If you have any other events that you would like us to come along to, please let me know and I or one of my colleagues will try to attend.

      Kind regards
      Elvis Guzic, NHWQ State Coordinator

  10. Cheryl Ewings says:

    is it possible to get information on how NHW is run as I have become secretary for Lockrose NHW and have no one really interested in doing things the right way or to be very helpful so would appreciate any help available PLEASE. My ph no’s are 0754658872 or 0411658870.

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The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.