Returning to school after twenty nine years

It’s not often a schools very first adopt a cop gets to swear in the schools newest adopt a cop, almost 29 years later.

This was the case on June 14, when Inspector Pat Swindells, Patrol group Inspector for Bundaberg, led the swearing in of Burnett Heads State Schools newest adopt a cop, Senior Constable Cameron Graham. In 1988, only a few years after the adopt a cop program commenced in Queensland, the then Senior Constable Pat Swindells became Burnett Heads State School’s first adopt a cop, taking up the role with great enthusiasm.

“There has obviously been a lot of changes at the school since I was adopt a cop.  But it’s great to see the students and teachers are just as friendly and inviting as they were when I first came here,” Inspector Swindells said.

As the schools newest adopt a cop, “Constable Cam” as he is to be known to the students, is looking forward to working with the students and school community.

“It will be great to get to know the students and staff at the school, and hope I have a positive influence on their schooling lives,” Senior Constable Graham said.

On the school’s assembly on Wednesday, the students had a brief talk by Senior Constable Graham regarding wearing seat belts and bicycle safety.

“It was great to find out that the Burnett Heads Neighbourhood Watch Committee had initiated a colouring in competition for the Burnett Heads School students, where they have the chance to win a security lock for their bicycles.

“It’s great to see the local community supporting the school,” Senior Constable Graham said.


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