We Are Queensland Small Grants Program

The We are Queensland small grants program is part of the Cohesive Communities Action Plan 2016–18. This grants program is designed to assist Queensland-based not-for-profit organisations, eligible community groups and local councils to undertake community-led initiatives during 2017–18 to build social cohesion in Queensland communities.

The goal of social cohesion work is to enable all Queenslanders to have a strong sense of belonging and nurture welcoming, inclusive communities. It recognises the important role that strong and resilient communities can play in addressing anti-social behaviour, and behaviour that may lead to violence or physical harm to others. We are Queensland small grants program aims to promote a society where everyone is respected and treated fairly and can make a positive and valued contribution. It recognises that we can make our Queensland community stronger and more cohesive by enhancing the ways in which we interact with and include the diverse individuals, groups and families who make up that community. Funding is intended to support initiatives that foster social connectedness, bring communities together and promote opportunities for individuals, families and groups to be included within and connected into the broader community.

It aims to build and sustain strong and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds to increase community understanding and respect for diversity.

There will be one call for applications for the grants program,  applications open Monday 3 July until 9 pm Friday 11 August 2017.

Successful applicants will be announced on 9 October 2017.

For more information please visit: WE ARE QUEENSLAND website



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