All creatures great and small

Day 2 of 2017 Ekka.

Queensland Police care and help out everyone in the community,  humans and animals “All Creatures Great and Small”. That means that over 10,000 animals of all shapes and sizes are on display to the public and will be judged during this year’s Ekka.

Constable Mark Aicholzer (Boondall Police) chats with Commissioner Ian Stewart in relation to today’s Social Media Challenge “All Creatures Great and Small”.

With that many animals on site it also means that over 16 tonnes of manure will have been removed from the RNA site during the 10 day period of the Ekka. That’s no bull, actually about 1330kgs of bull!!!!

Constable Ben Procter (Valley Police). Bens the one on the right. Cattle are some of the largest animals at the Ekka.

Senior Constable Troy Bennett (Stafford Police) chats with one of the smallest with a native bee on his nose.

So whilst the Ekka Police were out and about today making sure that everyone attending the Ekka this year felt safe and secure, they were given the task of looking at all the many and varied types of animals that are on display.

Senior Constable Chris Akacich (Sandgate Police) lays down the law to the local dog community.

Ekka Police including Constable Sarah Brough (Brisbane City Station) are doing well getting to know the locals. We are even getting help ensuring what day it is.

For those playing along at home its only Day 2 and we are having FUN!!!

Stay safe and we will see you tomorrow.

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