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The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.


The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.

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  1. Joy Walton says:

    I would like a contact in regard to information about the Christmas twilight market on Nov 16th.
    Thanks Joy Walton

    • Officer Dave says:

      I believe you are referring the ones at Petrie? If so, please call Petrie Police Station and ask for the District Crime Prevention Coordinator – Sgt Harris

  2. Brian says:

    Have had 2 phone calls today, asking to donate to Neighbourhood watch, to fund a Newsletter. Offering Small Businesses ,Gold/Silver/Bronze, levels of Sponsorship. Is this a Scam? Thanks.

    • Officer Dave says:


      This appears to be Scam, as I am not aware of NHWQ cold calling to request funding please report to 131 444 (Policelink)

      Thank you

  3. Tanya says:

    There is a post on Facebook with a lady saying she is a member of Crimestoppers and Neighbourhood Watch asking for people to inbox her their address so she can post out a brochure regarding registering with QPS Yamanto, to be able to use cctv footage regarding break ins in the area.
    How could I check to see if she is who she says she is and not someone aiming to get your address for other purposes?
    I hate being this suspicious but you can’t be too careful in this technology age.

    • Officer Dave says:

      Hello Tanya,

      Please Contact Ipswich District crime prevention coordinator who are located at Yamanto station

      Thank you

  4. Glen Cordwell says:

    Neighbourhood watch,
    Could you please forward a copy of the minutes or newsletter from a recent meeting that relates to reports of wild dogs being spotted in the ningi area.
    Thank you
    Glen Cordwell

    • Officer Dave says:

      Hello Glen,

      You need to get in touch with your local DCPC or NHW area Coordinator, for the information this page is the State office

      Thank you

  5. Pamela opie says:

    Our letterboxes at Poinciana Gardens at 45 Swanton Drive Mudgeeraba have been broken into for the third time – is anybody else having this problem and what measures can we take to prevent this vandalism??

    • Officer Dave says:


      Please contact your local District Crime Prevention Coordinator to discuss personal and property safety

  6. amanda mellick says:

    hi, not sure who to contact, but we are sick of all the barking dogs in the area. we have knocked on a few doors and spoke to some and other we have contact council about. but there is about 7 or more dogs that bark all the time. is there anyway of doing a mailout of all the area.

    • Officer Dave says:


      Amanda please contact your local council in relation to noise complaints from animals

  7. Penny says:

    This emergency app needs a button to immediately txt the National Relay Service with GPS co-ordinates on the phone and pre-programmed user details.

  8. Ray says:

    I live in a street that is designated 40kph with sign posts clearly displayed at both ends. As you would expect, not all drivers obey the speed limit. Tradies and some nearby residents who use the street seem (from my observations) to be the principal culprits whose time of travel are more confined to leaving for work and returning home. I would like to see a concerted effort made to EDUCATE the local residents rather than punitive action. Is there some protocol available to institute this program locally? There are also other matters of concern about parking cars in the wrong direction of travel outside some homes on a two-way street – the UK and European practice that is becoming far too common here. Parking that obstructs the pedestrian use of footpaths is also a problem. Are these matters that can be achieved through education via NHW? As far as I know, the local NHWQ group is dormant.

    • Officer Dave says:

      Hello Ray,

      Please contact your local QPS District Crime Prevention Coordinator at your nearest station, which can be located at for further information of interest.

      You can also call 131 444 to report matters and if urgent 000

      Thank you

  9. S Lee says:

    Hi I would like to suggest that Neighbourhood watch suburbs are set up on Facebook or clusters of them. So for example, I could join Mermaid Waters / Broadbeach Waters. This would be a great way to communicate in real time with our community about what’s going on. Please help or advise. Regards Sue

    • Officer Dave says:


      Thank you for your comment, Facebook is another mechanism NHWQ is looking at for its members.

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The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.