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The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.


The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.

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  1. Janette Johnson says:

    Am resident in Area 10 at Caboolture my elderly neighbour was woken at 1am by youths banging on her door, they then tried to open gate next door, scoped car across the street, broke into car down the strret stole radio, she called police was diverted to D bay station, officer said “wa
    hat do you want me to do about it” , she replied send someone he said not enough staff! They sent an officer at 5pm the following day! NOT GOOD ENOUGH

    • Trad says:

      Good Morning Jeanette,

      Thank-you for your email and I apologise sincerely for the lack of response to this situation. The neighbourhood Watch blog is not really the forum for these issues and the Queensland Police Service has specifically set up a system that deals with service client issues.

      Can I suggest that you contact the Officer in Charge of Deception Bay station and discuss this with them. I will also be forwarding your email on to Inspector John Hallam, who is the supervision officer for Deception bay Station.

      Trad Thornton.

  2. Terry Ainsworth says:

    I have (for the first time ever) just logged on this NHWQ website and looking at the questions, comments and answers, I would like to suggest that for the ease and benefit of the readers would it not be better if you listed the items from “most recent” rather than from “oldest”?

    That way people would have to go to page 2 to read the most recent comments. Just a thought.

    • NHWQ Admin says:

      Thank you for noticing, we only enabled paging of comments last week. This setting has been changed.

  3. Frank Ondrus says:

    Are there any active NHW groups in Toowoomba?
    If yes, may I please have their contact details.

    • Trad says:

      Thanks for your email Frank. I have forwarded your email on the the Toowoomba DCPC to make contact with you. Hopefully we can get you the details you require.


  4. John Balding says:

    I have just moved to Caboolture and reside in the new Reserve Estate off Pumicestone Road . Can anyone tell me if there is an active Neighbourhood Watch in this area, and if so can I please have a contact number.

    • M Price says:

      Hi John
      Thank you for your message which has been copied to the District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC) at Caboolture Police Station for assistance who will contact you in the near future about active NHWQ Groups in your area. Their telephone number is 54950428.
      Thank you so much for your interest in this area.

  5. Rhonda Sutton says:

    Hi, we formed the Moore Park Beach NHW sometime ago and wanted to know how we can get put on the crime stats.

    • M Price says:

      Hi Rhonda, Thank you for your message. CONGRATS on forming a NHWQ Local Area Group for Moore Park Beach, this is great news. I do not mean to be rude, just wondering what you mean by “how we can get put on…”, put on what exactly? If it is to establish your own blog, might be an idea to consult with your local District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC) at your local police station in Bundaberg on telephone 4153 9004. On the front page of our Blog, under Resources, Strategic Policies, Section 8.2 of the “Welcome to NHW Guide” goes through the relevant topics of interest. The DCPC will arrange for the creation of a blog for your area, associated social media training, etc…

  6. Rachael Johnston says:

    Last week some individuals ransacked my mothers house in D’aguilar on Raaens rd. She didn’t have much, they took her wedding ring and a few pieces of old jewelry that really wouldn’t be worth anything to anyone. They can keep the old jewellery, I’m sure it’s long gone, however they also took a bag full of her most precious memories – letters, cards from her mother, memorabilia from when we were babies. Newspaper clippings from our careers, sentimental things she had collected over her lifetime. This is worth absolutely nothing to the thieves but worth so much to my mum and us. As I realise these individuals are desperate for cash, I am offering a large cash reward for the return of this bag full of memories, no questions asked. The thieves left a bunch of their own items behind, gloves and pantyhose. Police have collected finger prints and are investigating. As there were old passports in the bag of sentimental items, the investigation has been escalated. If the bag is returned, we will be able to de-escalate the investigation. If you have any ideas on how to get this message out, please let me know.

    • Melissa Price says:

      Hi Rachael, I am so sorry to read that individuals ransacked your mother’s home in D’aguilar, Raaens Rd! Such an unnerving experience, with an invasion of privacy. At the same time, it is good to read that officers from Queensland Police Service have fingerprinted the area and are investigating. It is also generous to offer a large cash reward for the return of your ‘bag full of memories’, no questions asked.

      I have forwarded your query, about ideas to get this message to your local neighbourhood, to the District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC) or Station Community Crime Reduction Officer (SCCRO) at Caboolture Police Station who should be in touch with you (or else a representative will contact you) over the next couple of weeks.

      I sincerely hope that all the letters, passports, cards from her mother, memorabilia from when you were babies, newspaper clippings for your careers, etc., are returned soon, safe and sound.

  7. marcus godby says:

    we wont to start a neighbourhood watch lowood qld 4311.

    • Melissa Price says:

      Hi Marcus,
      Thank you so much for your email about starting a Neighbourhood Watch at Lowood. This is really great to read!

      I have forwarded your query to the District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC) for the Ipswich area who is based at Yamanto Police Station and can be contacted via telephone on 3817 1351. They should be in touch with you (or else a representative will contact you) over the next couple of weeks with the details.

      In the meantime, on the front page of this site, at the top right, there is a link to ‘Resources’. In this area under the Strategic Policies is another link titled ‘Welcome to NHW Guide’. Section 8 of this guide talks about the various types of Neighbourhood Watch Queensland (NHWQ) groups. If it helps any, the link in full is:

      Also under Resources ‘Strategic Policies’ is another link titled ‘NHWQ Policing Guide’ and this talks about options to get involved in Neighbourhood Watch Queensland (NHWQ) Area Groups (Section 4) and also the Key Processes which is Section 5. Here is the link:

      Thank you again for your email and let me know if we can be any further assistance in this area.
      Acting State Coordinator, NHWQ.

  8. David Carter says:

    Hi Elvis
    I’m the Secretary of Noosa Waters Neighbourhood Watch (Noosa Heads 7). On the 9th April 2015 I completed a NHWQ Requestion Form and sent is to Noosa Police for processing. About 2 months ago I checked with Noosa Police where the items requested were – they said the request would have been sent to Sunshine Coast Police but I am unable to ascertain what has happened.
    (1) does the NHWQ Requisition Form still operate?
    (2) can we still obtain NHWQ items?
    (3) whom ought I be in contact with about this matter?
    Many thanks,
    David Carter – Noosa Waters Neighbourhood Watch

    • Melissa Price says:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for your email and patience. I am so terribly sorry to read about the delay with processing your request for Householder Resources.

      Yes, the NHWQ Requisition Form which can be found on the Neighbourhood Watch Queensland internet page, under Resources, ‘Other Documents’ is still relevant for ordering NHWQ Householder Resources. If it helps, the full internet address is:

      If it is any further assistance, page 10 of the ‘Welcome to NHW Guide’ on the Neighbourhood Watch Queensland internet Page, Resources page, under ‘Strategic Policies’, mentions the various items available and discusses the ordering process. The internet address is:

      I have forwarded your query to the District Crime Prevention Coordinator at Maroochydore who should be in touch with you (or else a representative will contact you) over the next couple of weeks with an update. Should you not hear anything, and after this amount of time, maybe fill in another Requisition and hand that into the Station Community Crime Reduction Officer at your local police station for processing?

      Again, David, please accept my immense apologies that your request has not been processed.
      Acting State Coordinator.

  9. Teresa Lane says:

    in attempting to gather information about local NHW groups in my community i found there is no information to be had on your website with name a contact details of coordinators. Am chasing all Logan NHW’s so we can promote them within the area. Any assistance with this would be great.

    • Melissa Price says:

      Hi Teresa,
      Thank you for your email, great to read about some pending promotion in this regard.
      Your request has been forwarded to the relevant District Crime Prevention Coordinators for that area, who will reply to you with the contact details.
      Thank you again,
      State Coordinator.

  10. Ray Robinson says:

    I have recently rejoined my local watch area (St James Park) & have been tasked to find out about our public liability insurance. Can you please advise me how I can find this information?

    • Elvis Guzic says:

      Good morning Ray
      Currently, NHW Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Volunteer Workers Accident Insurance (VWAI) are paid for by NHW State Office. This will continue to be the case as long as we have a budget.

      You can find the 2015/16 PLI Certificate of Currency on the blog in the ‘Resources’ section.

      If you need anything else, please let me know.

      Kind Regards
      Elvis Guzic, State Coordinator

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The NHWQ blog is not to be used as an alternative means of reporting crimes or other offences.